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Why CBG Solution Consulting?

CBG Solution Consulting works with hundreds of insurers to provide the best solutions to our client’s needs. We specialize in customized coverage placement.

CBG Solution Consulting provides cost-effective solutions for healthcare, life and disability, leave management and compensation guidance. With the enactment of the Health Care Reform Act, we have expanded our solutions model to include ACA guidance and compliance reform (which includes ACA employee tracking). CBG Solution Consulting clients range from “One Man Shops” to Midmarket sized employers.

CBG Solution Consulting provides solutions to businesses and their owners in the area that matters most, human capitol. We provide a wide array of solutions to help mitigate the financial risk and complicated legal aspects employing a work staff (including DBA and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs) can bring to a mid- to full-size business.

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To learn more about CBG Solution Consulting, call us at (281) 815-0967 or use our secure online request form to send us an email directly.

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